A Letter to Guild Master Bertrandt

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Guild Master Bertrandt:

I'm writing to address an incident that happened yesterday, 3 Olaesta. I'm training in warrior tricks and was told by Administrator Klidel that I would not be taught the "twirl and sheath" until I could swallow an entire drink in one go. I told her that I didn't wish to learn this "skill," but she said, quote, "It's a rite of passage and everyone does it, so get off your high horse," and directed me to the alcohol.

Several hours and some fifteen flasks of ale later, I passed muster and, though severely inebriated, was taught the "twirl and sheath" and told to practice for an audience. Set loose in this state, I somehow gave a mentally unstable citizen the idea that she should burn down a building. Or so I'm told. I admit my memory is hazy on the specifics, but I assume I was doing a very bad job expressing myself, and it seems a building was in fact razed.

Anyone might be driven to conclude that responsibility for the conflagration falls directly on the Warrior Guild and its outdated hazing traditions. Sir, I urge you to abolish the "guzzle" requirement for new inductees immediately. If you have any questions about my involvement in this incident, please see me.