Blunt-beaked emerald green parrot

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A blunt-beaked emerald green parrot is an NPC that wanders the Western Harbor of Mist Harbor on the Isle of the Four Winds.


An impressive bird of considerable size, the parrot is about two feet long from beak to tail feathers.  He is covered entirely with rich emerald plumage save for bands of bright golden color that circle his solid black eyes and accent his deeply curved and pointed beak.  He has a small metallic white band around one of his legs that has been inlaid with aquamarine in a repeating wave pattern. 

Room Messaging

A blunt-beaked emerald green parrot wanders in, his wings fluttering to keep himself balanced as he hops.

A blunt-beaked emerald green parrot cants his head to the side and gives a shrillish squawk.

A blunt-beaked emerald green parrot gazes into the sky for several moments.

A blunt-beaked emerald green parrot ruffles his feathers, causing one to become dislodged.
This causes a smooth emerald parrot feather to fall to the ground. This can be used as a keepsake, or fletched.

A blunt-beaked emerald green parrot squawks, "Fair winds and following seas. The sails are full when Charl breathes!"

A blunt-beaked emerald green parrot squawks loudly and squeaks, "Would you like to meet the captain's daughter?"

A blunt-beaked emerald green parrot tucks his beak under one wing and begins to fall asleep.

A child walking by sneezes, causing the parrot to flap his wings as it screeches out, "Bless you! Bless you! Bless you!"

After an appraising tilt of his head the parrot launches into the air towards a passing merchant with a squawked warning of "Prepare to be boarded!". In a noisy flash of feathers he misses merchant's shoulder completely and lands in a colorful heap upon the ground, quickly righting himself and preening his feathers back into their former order.

Bobbing his head up and down in a rhythmic motion, the parrot dances and whistles his own tune.

Emerald wings outstretched, the parrot sails to the ground, having procured a hard-shelled nut from somewhere nearby. With a contented rustling of feathers, he sets about cracking the hard outer shell with his powerful golden beak.

The colorful parrot cocks his head at you and studies you curiously with one eye.

The parrot bursts into the air in a flurry of color, startling a harried looking woman. A moment later, he drops back to the ground, apparently satisfied with his antics.

The parrot comically bobs up and down while performing a toe-tapping dance.

The parrot lets loose with a volley off ear-splitting shrieks, ending with a throaty blat.

The parrot momentarily hangs by his strong beak as he playfully hops around nearby tree branches.

The parrot squawks loudly and flaps his wings, extending them so that the bright plumage is displayed for all to see before settling down once again.

Tilting his head nearly upside down, the parrot cackles, "I seeeee you, matey!"

With a few powerful swoops of his wings, the parrot flys up to land on the branch of a nearby tall tree. He tilts his head towards the horizon and stares longingly out to sea with one big black eye, swaying gently on his perch from side to side as if soothing himself with the repetitive motion of the sea.

With a slight glint of mischief in his eye, the parrot calls out, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty!"

A blunt-beaked emerald green parrot wanders west, his wings fluttering to keep himself balanced as he hops.


>ask parrot about anything
The parrot squawks at you.