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A dirty rat is an automated NPC that wanders around Solhaven.


The rat seems to be your common rodent.  His brown fur has been dirtied by oil and mud in places, and his scaly tail has several scars that look like they were inflicted by a hungry feline.  Although he seems wary of larger creatures, he's hardly shy towards anyone he thinks might have some food.

Room Messaging

A dirty rat scurries in.

A dirty rat looks at you, as if assessing your potential as a source for food.

A dirty rat scurries about, making a total nuisance of himself.

The dirty rat squeaks and snaps his little ratty teeth, then scrambles to his feet.

A dirty rat picks up his head and sniffs the air, then walks towards you.  He sniffs at your foot, then ambles away sneezing.

A dirty rat runs rapidly away from the pounce of one of the street cats!  He hides in a shadow until the feline grows bored of waiting then creeps back out, nose twitching.

A dirty rat scampers about looking for a crumb to eat.

A dirty rat twitches his whiskers as he looks the area over.

A dirty rat scampers off southwest.