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Solhaven map by Mourne

The Freeport of Solhaven is a district within the Turamzzyrian city of Vornavis, the eponymous seat of the Barony of Vornavis.


"The city of Solhaven is one of the only free ports within the Turamzzyrian Empire and is known for its open access to all manner of tradesmen and merchants. Set along the coast of Solhaven Bay, the large port is a regular recipient of trade ships and travelers from distant regions, even the dwarven land known as Teras Isle. It was largely run by the Mercantyler's Guild, with only minimal guidance and oversight from Vornavis, until the assassination of Empress Mynal'lyanna Anodheles took place within the city in 5103. As a result, the free port status was revoked.

In 5107, Emperor Aurmont Anodheles renewed Solhaven's free port status after an investigation into the former Empress' death revealed no due negligence came from the city. The Emperor firmly stated in his decree, however, that there be a strict edict of change. Now, the Mercantyler's Guild has far less control over Solhaven, having to deal with the baronial bureaucracy and guardsmen patrolling the streets. Further, under the order of Baron Malwind, Vornavis has established a naval presence within Solhaven Bay, offering protection and inspection of cargo and its port.

The free port status of Solhaven has resulted in a long-term increase in the city's trade traffic, greatly enhancing both Imperial and Baronial income."

Solhaven was established some time during the 46th century along the Vornavian coast. founded on an unusual plot of land that is part tidal marsh and part solid ground, with various parts of the district extending out over the water. The land beneath the city is geologically unstable, containing a variety of tunnels. These served as home to a nameless dwarven clan that settled in the area in prehistory, and have long been used by thieves and smugglers.

In 5098, Baron Malwind of Vornavis opened a public trade route between Solhaven and Wehnimer's Landing, though rumor has it that smugglers had blazed the trail long beforehand. As a port, the district's population is dominated by merchants, sailors, and local ruffians that long benefited from its status as an Imperial free port. The foremost civilian power is the Mercantylers' Guild, but religious sects and the Empire both have considerable cachet.

Solhaven has been occupied or destroyed several times during the course of its history. The original outpost likely fell victim to kraken, massive sea beasts that breed in the surrounding waters. In recent times, it has been invaded by Jantalar and the armed forces of V'tull, and Sheru. Twice during the Griffin Sword Saga, the district was occupied and renamed to Nighthaven by the Sheruvian High Priest Draezir. In 5109, the district was wiped out by a tidal wave. With the assistance of Hall of Mages members and notable locals, the city was reconstructed from its inhabitants' memories. Due to fluctuations in the spell and imperfections of recollection, the resulting construction had a considerably different topography in some portions. (For more information, see Solhaven Cataclysm.)


Current Historical Vornavis Formal Court
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Solhaven is a popular hub of adventurer activity, with hunting areas nearby ranging from levels 1 to the mid-60s, as well as caravans for level 100 characters heading out to the Sanctum of Scales. The traditional gathering spot is the North Market, but there are many other resting spots throughout the city.

The city offers many common services and shops, as well as specialties like the Muffinsmith, live lobsters, and crickets. Solhaven merchants have a slightly better disposition towards humans and half-elves.


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Attractions and Specialties


Cairnfang Manor, based in Solhaven, is one of the Co-operative Houses of Elanthia.

For active Meeting Hall Organizations, see: Meeting Hall Organization/MHO List

People of Vornavis-Solhaven

House of Malwind

The Malwinds are the ruling family of the Barony of Vornavis.



Town NPCs

New Character Experience

New characters (level 0) in Solhaven can collect experience toward reaching level 1 by visiting the following locations:

  • Liabo Plaza
  • North Market
  • Alchemist (on Tumbledown Lane)
  • Peasant Holdings (southeast from eastern trading post room)
  • Cairnfang North Bank (west of the north side of Hangman's Bridge)
  • Ancient Shrine (Vornavis Caravansary)
  • Mercantyler's Guild Hall (Vornavis Caravansary)
  • Goodun's Cheap Used Stuff (Vornavis Caravansary, arms/armor wagon)
  • Vornavis Caravansary Pawnshop (tent)
  • Empath's Shack (Vornavis Caravansary)
  • Mercantyler's Storage Warehouse (Vornavis Caravansary, south of building entrance)
  • Vornavis Caravansary Exterior


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Area Level Range Area Level Range Area Level Range
Solhaven Environs 1-3 Marshtown 1-8
Bog: 7-18
Wooded Plains: 20-23
Noman's Land: 27
Vornavian Coast 1-16
Lagoon: 17-33
The wonders of the lush lands near the sea are many. Sadly, the number of dangers are of equal measure. The creatures and wildlife of the area are loathe to leave the safety of their territory but they have been known to make their way to the roads when in search of their next meal. Care must be taken when travelling through these lands. Resting just outside and northwest of Solhaven, Marshtown is a conglomeration of boardwalks and barrel rafts. The land leading to the piers has been so softened by the nearby Cairnfang River that each step on the ground is a slippery and treacherous one. But that hasn't stopped enterprising townsfolk from building make shift paths and raft walkways to keep commerce flowing to and from the piers.

Points of Interest: West Road, Noman's Land, Bog, Wooded Plains.

Rumors: Sailors here claim that the marsh hides marsh monsters that come out at night to steal your thoughts. Most of the locals claim that it's the ale that dulls their minds and not marsh monsters.

Black sand ground from nearby volcanic rock dominates the beaches along the Vornavian Coast. Dangers creatures roam the oceans edge, always on the lookout for a quick meal or an extra coin.

Points of Interest: Lagoon, North Beach, South Beach, Beached Hulk, Coastal Cliffs, Caverns, and West Road.

Rumors: Giant serpents from the deeps are said to avoid this particular coast because volcanic black sand that gets into everything makes the sailors taste too dry.

Cairnfang Forest 3-15 Foggy Valley 5-42 Outlands 22-28
The natural beauty of the Cairnfang Forest is well known. Travel through the forest has its dangers like any wild area but only for the young and foolish. Most of the really dangerous creatures have been driven clear due to the well established trails used by the Vornavis Caravansary used to link Solhaven with Wehnimer's Landing. Due take care to stay on the travelled paths, as much greater dangers lay not far off the roads in the deeper woods.

Points of Interest: Tor Aganrahk, Stoneharrow Swale, Abandoned Village.

Rumors: Strange howling can sometimes be heard when the moons of Lornon and Liabo both shine high in the night skies.

Greater dangers lurk in the shadowy mists of Foggy Valley, found in the southeastern corner of the Vornavian Coast. Few places can be said to offer such a variety of wild creatures. Keep your friends close when travelling in these parts.

Points of Interest: Pine Forest, The Hills, Fenghai Warrens, Coastal Woods, and Ruined Temple.

Rumors: A powerful and evil wizard is said to be responsible for large variety of horrors that inhabit the area.

Castle Varunar 25-42 Bonespear Tower 48-55 Forgotten Vineyard 58-66
Spell sever
Shadows of what once were are all that remain with the deserted Castle Varunar. Little is known about the builders of the castle that is not revealed by remains. It appears to have been a stronghold, perhaps a base of operations in an ancient war. in the present, however, it has become infested with the reek of undead.

Rumors: There are those that say the castle has traded hands many times between the forces of light and dark. Despite it's current state, it's walls are strong and it's location strategically beneficial.

Reaching into the sky in angry defiance, Bonespear Tower strikes fear into all that survey it. Made entirely of the bone fragments of animal and humanoid form, the tower is a symbol of dire evil and death, and yet it is alive. Many adventurers have returned to claim that the tower moves but none of them have offered any clear explanation as to why or how it does so.

Rumors: The tower is said to have been created by a mad genius of incredible talent. Few care to speak differently out of fear or awe.

Sanctum of Scales 95-102
Spell burst

Public Gathering Places

Room Name Node Type Room ID Lich Room # Shattered
Beacon Tower Super node 4902087 14234 14234
Liabo Plaza Super node 4209057 1481 1481
Marshtown Shoreline Super node 4744012 5732 5732
North Market Super node 4209030 1438 1438
Fat Jahck's (Locksmith Pool) Super node 4740306 28719 20965
South Market Super node 4902093 1572 1572
Seamist Hall, Central Lounge (Premium Hall) Super node 4002505 20721 19731
Solhaven, North Market NE Node 4209023 1448
Solhaven, North Market E Node 4209031 1453
Solhaven, North Market SE Node 4209040 1460
Solhaven, North Market S Node 4209039 1472
Solhaven, North Market SW Node 4209038 1473

Citizen Verbs

Citizen verbs can be accessed in VERB SETTINGS.

Style First Third
Fold You fold your arms over your chest in a display of stubborn pride, tilting your chin up slightly in defiance. Kraken, floods, apocalypses, cats... really, what could possibly think it has the power to scare you any more? Player folds his arms over his chest in a display of stubborn pride, tilting his chin up slightly in defiance.
Pinch You curl your hands into a facsimile of lobster claws, making exaggerated pinchy motions at the air around you while clicking your tongue to provide the snapping sounds of the claws closing. Player curls his hands into a mimicry of lobster claws, pinching at the empty air around him and making clicking sounds with his tongue.


Human - edit
Famous Humans: