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A pelican is an automated NPC that wanders around Solhaven.


The pelican appears to be a sizeable seabird.  His whitish feathers cover immense wings built for gliding, and beneath his spoonlike beak is a large gullet for holding food.  Life around the seaport seems to have made him quite comfortable around people.

Room Messaging

A pelican half flaps, half waddles in.

A pelican ruffles his feathers as he looks over the area.

A pelican sits down and begins preening.

The pelican squawks his irritation, then flaps to his feet.

A pelican shuts his beak tightly as something in his gullet begins wriggling mightily! He shakes his head, and the movement ceases.

A pelican spreads his wings and rushes towards you, then stops, reaches out, and pecks your leg! Looking smug, the pelican waddles off.

A pelican turns his head and looks at you with one eye.

A pelican waddles about then stops and opens his mouth. Down his gullet you can see a fish flopping about before the bird snaps his beak shut again.

A pelican waddles comically about the street, snapping his beak and ruffling his feathers.

A pelican half flaps, half waddles south.