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A stooped old woman is an automated NPC that wanders around Solhaven.


The woman could be anyone's beloved grandmother.  Her hair is a fine, snowy white, and her kindly face is lined with her many years of life.  Although her back is bent she walks with a quiet pride, keeping her shawl close about her to ward off the chilly sea breezes.

Room Messaging

A stooped old woman shuffles in.

A stooped old woman accidentally bumps into one of the townspeople.  She apologizes and they chat a moment, obviously having met a time or two before.

A stooped old woman looks at you and gives you a friendly smile.

A stooped old woman pulls her shawl more closely about her.

A stooped old woman shuffles about, her back bowed with age.

A stooped old woman shuffles over towards you.  She smiles at you,  then says, "You should write your mother."  With a "that's that" nod, she shuffles off.

A stooped old woman surveys the crowd as if looking for someone she knew.

A stooped old woman makes her careful way northwest.