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A street urchin is an automated NPC that wanders around Solhaven.


The urchin appears to be about ten years old.  His dirty clothes and holey shoes speak of his years of life on the streets, but his impish grin and bright eyes prove that his difficult life hasn't gotten to him.

Room messaging

A street urchin skips in.

A street urchin ambles about, skipping stones across the street.

A street urchin attempts to pilfer something from one of the townspeople!  They chase him around, shrieking at the top of their lungs, until the scamp finally returns the stolen object.

A street urchin looks about curiously.

A street urchin looks you up and down, assessing your value with an impish grin.

A street urchin sits down and shakes a pebble out of his shoe.

The street urchin nimbly leaps to his feet.

A street urchin spreads his arms and runs towards you!  At the last moment he swerves, dashing past you with a laugh.

A street urchin stops to flatter one of the ladies of the town.  He plies her with outrageous compliments until, blushing, she gives him a silver coin.

A street urchin skips off west.