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Acistira is a flowering plant native to Ta'Nalfein.

The acistira plant is an herb unique to Ta'Nalfein, but it can be cultivated and grown elsewhere under the right circumstances. Acistira has tiny flower spires, sturdy triangular stems, and numerous velvety leaves.

Similar to hyssop in appearance, it is important to not confuse the two plants. Acistira's miniscule, incarnadine florets are poisonous when ingested. Fortunately, if raw, this is a mild, discomforting sort of poison and easily counteracted. When dried, it is much more deadly. The plant itself provides its own antidote -- the stem. Raw, it would take ages to eat enough to counterbalance a full dose of dried acistira, but distilled into a tincture, acistira stem extract is more than effective.

The stem and leaves are quite tasty, with a peppery, licorice-like flavor. Dried acistira makes an excellent spice, especially when paired with saevika, and raw leaves and stems are excellent in salads.

An unusual trend amongst some of the bored upper reaches of Nalfein society includes acistira-themed dinner parties. Being invited for "an Acistira" involves subjecting oneself voluntarily to poisoning. A master chef prepares a meal that includes acistira flowers, as the flavor is said to be incredibly pleasing on the palate. A salad of acistira stems and leaves is included, and the goal is to enjoy the flowers in a variety of dishes (from raw to fried to baked, etc.), while eating enough of the stem-based antidote to keep from feeling the effects.

One is considered the "loser" of the dinner party if they must partake of the tinctured antidote. Dying is deeply frowned upon and considered quite gauche.

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