Adventure Wheel

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An Adventure Wheel consists of 24 images on a wheel. Some Adventure Wheels can be found on gambling kits, others on a handheld version. There are no official rules for the wheel and a variety of games have been created from it, including Wheel of Nightmares.

Adventure Wheel Spots (chances provided by GM Wyrom):

5% chance
1. a herd of roltons
2. a gang of kobolds
3. a band of orcs
4. a swarm of goblins
5. a gathering of trolls
6. a bask of thraks
7. a bale of burgee
8. a drove of hisskra
9. a tribe of grutik
10. a team of centaurs
11. a pack of shan
12. a troop of krolvin
13. a tribe of trali
14. a multitude of elementals
15. a cast of griffins
16. a descent of wyverns
17. a drove of minotaurs
18. a horde of undead
2% chance
19. a cache of sparkling gemstones
20. a number of mysterious artifacts
21. a tome of scrolls
22. a belt pouch of silver coins
1% chance
23. the infamous thief
24. a large treasure chest filled with riches