Aeia and the Tiger Lilies

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The following is the story of Aeia and the Tiger Lilies, as told by Dresdena.

The Story

Dresdena says, "Tiger lilies have the meaning of wealth... and they got that meaning through their patroness." 
Dresdena says, "Aeia, living in River's Rest, had a large garden. In it, of course, were a large number of lilies."
Dresdena says, "Krolvins raided River's Rest frequently, and it was not always the peaceful backwater we see it as today."
Dresdena says, "They were after anything portable that would bring them wealth."
Dresdena says, "One day.... they landed, and the people of River's Rest had nothing to give them."
Dresdena says, "Aeia watched as people were put to the sword and boarding-axe."
Dresdena says, "Looking around her garden, she saw the bright golden-orange tiger lilies swaying in the salt breeze."
Dresdena says, "She gathered up all that she had and prayed aloud to Imaera, our mother....."
Dresdena says, "And closed her eyes."
Dresdena closes her eyes for a moment.
Dresdena says, "She trod warily to the town commons and started dropping the tiger lilies, one by one, every few steps from there to the shore."
Dresdena says, "She went unmolested, for as each lily dropped from her hand, it turned into gold."
Dresdena says, "The krolvin stopped attacking the citizenry and greedily snatched the golden lilies."
Dresdena says, "When she reached the shore, she had one lily left."
Dresdena says, "That, she threw out into Charl's embrace...."
Dresdena says, "And it floated on a foamy wave."
Dresdena says, "Several krolvin swam out after it, but as burdened as they were, they drowned immediately."
Dresdena says, "The rest, seeing the intervention of the Arkati in their demise..."
Dresdena says, "Fled to their longships and into the receding tide."
Dresdena says, "Where a kraken of the same golden orange and brown as the tiger lilies..."
Dresdena says, "Devoured them."