Against the ban on minor demons (essay)

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Against the Ban on Minor Demons

Author: Lord Silvean Rashere

Brothers and Sisters,

It is incumbent on all sorcerers to oppose local bans on minor demons through word and deed. I have previously vacilated on this point since widespread fear of demons is part of their power. Indeed, such fear is part of our power but the terror desireable among strangers does not depend upon the loathing of one's own city. Local ordinances against demons are not born of a respect for sorcery but rather from a conviction that our art is somehow impure. The minor demon is banned because it is deemed a pollutant and such a ban renders the same judgment upon us. I have explained and opposed this sort of thinking in my previous essays, particularly "The Courtesan" and "The Righteous Cleric." And so, I now issue my own ruling: we must stand together in opposition to these laws.

Those who know their Meachreasim are well aware that the whole of civilization owes a great debt to the summoning of demons. Just when the war against Despana appeared to be lost, the Faendryl, "summoned a flight of lesser demons to battle the undead hordes. Their foes fled back through the gates of the keep. The Faendryl then cast their final spell, causing the keep itself to implode, leaving nothing but smoke and rubble. Despana and her armies are said to have been utterly destroyed." And here the shock of the new took hold and the saviors of all the world were condemned. But what has this to do with minor demons in the modern context? Contemporary Faendryl sorcerers are right to point out that the exile of their people was an injustice created from misunderstanding and ancient political grudges. They are right to point out that antiquated Illistim fears are now disproven by the subsequent twenty thousand years during which demonic summoning has not destroyed the world it once saved. They are right to point out that Vaalor and Nalfein opposition to the Faendryl settled a political score now passe. And for those dear readers who are not of Faendryl blood, why should your magic be constrained over something that is nothing to do with you? This struggle against the minor demon ban is yours as well because I do not call on you to defend the honor of the Faendryl. I call out for those who would defend sorcery itself!

I offer some practical recommendations for your own appeals: stress the local history and customs of your community when possible, emphasize any contributions made by sorcerers to a given community, and capitilize on any rivalries with foreign powers opposed to sorcery. Be aware of political events, such as outside interference, that make the timing especially ripe for changes to local law and be certain to support political players friendly to our work. You will find an exemplar in my own appeal to the leadership of Wehnimer's Landing below.

Silvean Rashere

It has long been my habit to keep a study in Wehnimer's Landing and I have not found occasion to move this sanctum even as passage to Teras Isle and other locales became convenient. For this reason, I consider myself part of a long tradition of sorcerers closely associated with Wehnimer's. These men and women have sacrificed much in defense of the town over the years; Wehnimer's has preserved a great store of treasure and lives thanks to sorcerous intervention. I believe I read the situation correctly when I assert that the long Wehnimer's tradition of mounting a local defense against hostile forces is its greatest source of pride. Rone Wehnimer himself was a noted man of courage and so it is my expectation that his successors among the town leadership will follow his example.

Now, I was sitting in the aforementioned study just recently when I felt a great stirring beneath the floorboards. Of the floor, a great rumbling! Of my books, a great tumbling! Had some upstart young sorcerer caused an earthquake to impress me? No indeed! It was the heavy step of a Turamzyrrian inquisitor waddling through the town! I have heard the sound of sure justice; it goes plod, plod, plod.

With many others I share concern over increasing Turamzzyrian intervention in Wehnimer's. The suggestion from their Earl Jovery that Wehnimer's governs itself through "the good will of the Empire" is nothing if not a threat. And so, I encourage the town leadership to take action to preserve their independence. Show the Turamzzyrians that Wehnimer's is a free town that will not bear the dictates of bloated earls.

In this spirit, I have a modest recommendation. This suggestion will allow Wehnimer's Landing to assert its independence, irritate foreign aggressors, honor its sorcerous supporters, and earn additional income. Remove the town ban on minor demons and institute the sale of permits for their summoning. Minor demons are merely a sort of strange pet and pose no threat to the citizenry. The ban on minor demons is a prejudice or superstition that smacks of Tamzyrr. It is time to end the ban for the good of the town.