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Sylvean Rashere Faendryl
Sylvean Rashere Faendryl

Silvean Rashere was a sorcerer first active in the Wehnimer's Landing area, and then in both Kharam Dzu and the Elven Nations as travel conduits reopened. After his marriage to Lylia Ravenbane, the two became frequent participants in the social and political events of their time.

Born into a prosperous family, Silvean evidently benefited from a classical education in New Ta'Faendryl but additional details of his early years are obscure. Biographical flourishes in his writings reveal a youthful penchant for courtesans and a preference for the active life over the contemplative that may explain his subsequent wanderlust. Among many aristocratic tendencies, he spoke favorably of Faendryl decadence and often reminded others that he was 273rd in line for the Patriarchal throne.

A prolific author, Silvean was perhaps best known for his essays in support of Faendryl interests. The persistent theme of his work was the belief that a chaotic world could only be rightly ordered by the wisdom and power of the Faendryl. With additional commentary on topics ranging from sorcerous theory to Elven literature, it is clear that Silvean viewed himself as both consummate scholar and the voice of the Faendryl people in the diaspora.

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