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Alcan Banlan

Alcan was born into a small farming community where he was raised in a generally peaceful life. His parents were retired adventurers, in today's standards, his father was a well-trained warrior, while his mother was an equally powerful sorceress. The two of them had lived long fruitful lives filled with the adventures that legends are made from. Finally, after many years, they decided to settle down and start a family. After settling into the village, they lived an easy life, harvesting their turnips and raising their young boy. However, there was one small trouble.

Every few weeks, a small raiding party of orcs and undead, would crash through the village. Attempting to steal, murder, and kidnap the people of the village. Before Alcan's parents arrived, the villagers were ready to give up but, between the two well-seasoned adventurers and the valiant efforts of the townsmen, they were able to fight back. And so, the raids came fewer and far between, until they tapered off into nothing. Until Alcan's eleventh year.

One stormy evening, after a hard day's work, Alcan's family sat around their fireplace, Alcan reading while his parents stared into the flames contently. The hours dragged by and all was silent. Finally, Alcan's mother broke the silence, sending him off to bed. Alcan was asleep well before his parents bolted out the door. Alcan's father saw a zombie, stalking outside their window and then rushed to their weapons, as his mother cast a flare into the sky, warning the villagers.

A battle raged outside, heedless to Alcan's sleeping mind, until a loud crash came from below. The young boy was startled awake by a crashing pot. With the light toes of a well-trained assassin, or a young boy, Alcan tip-toed to the balcony above the stairs, staring down into the area below, watching as a horrible figure with decaying flesh splattered along the wall. Alcan watched in horror as the thing staggered to the stairs, so intent, that he didn't realize there was another coming from behind him. A loose floorboard creaked as the creature stepped down, with a start Alcan reacted, rolling off the balcony and landing on the floor, his ankle twisting painfully beneath him before he fell to one knee. Wasting only a moment to look up and see the beasts glowing red eyes, Alcan dragged himself into his parents bedroom, calling their names as he slammed the heavy door closed behind him.

Horror nearly overtook his small body when he saw that his parents were gone, and the pounding noise of the undead breaking through the door didn't set his mind at ease. Desperately, he limped to a chest of drawers, opening them hurriedly, looking for anything. Suddenly, the door burst open and in crept three zombies, looming a good two feet over the boy. With a cry, Alcan thrust what he held in front of him like a shield, with one eye open he began to weep. All he held was an amulet. As the zombies limped closer, Alcan's hand clenched around the jeweled necklace. A blue light began to envelope the gem as the magic imbued within was released by Alcan's touch. Suddenly, a flare, much like the one his own mother used to warn the villagers leapt from the gem and exploded between the zombies. Alcan flew through the window behind him as the force of the explosion sent the zombies into pieces. The rain fell on Alcan's unconscious body, and many feared he was dead, much like his parents.

Years later, Alcan stepped into Helden Hall for his first time, a naive young adventurer, looking for a new home after years of wandering. Nervously gripping the hilt of his sword, he stepped into the onslaught of questions and grilling. Then, after many weeks, Alcan rose to membership of Helden, and slowly began to create a new family with his co-members. He grew close to so many, and as his own strength grew, the strength of those bonds did as well. But finally, Alcan's wanderlust took hold, and he was forced by his own feet to leave Elanthia for some time. Now, he can be seen occasionally returning to his home within the walls of Helden to share a drink and a laugh with his old friends, telling the tales of the new lands he's seen and the adventurers he's had.