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Lady Allynia Hosking

You follow with curiosity as Allynia leads you into a relaxing node, where she sits down and pulls a bottle of ice blossom wine out of her silver-clasped backpack. She offers you a drink and smiles softly, with a far-off look in her bright violet eyes. "So ye want to know about me, eh," she says in a wispy voice, staring into your eyes, trying to determine what you are thinking at this exact moment.

You take a closer look at this warrior princess sitting infront of you.

You see Lady Allynia Hosking the Giantman Warrior. She appears to be in her 50's, has long, braided light brown hair, violet eyes, and tanned skin. She has a black rose tattoo on her ankle. She is in good shape. She is wearing a crystal amulet, House Brigatta unicorn pin, a pair of sheer ice blue gloves, a swirling silk skirt, a shimmering opalescent silk bodice, a Warrior Guild member pin, a glistening sea-blue buckler, some brigandine armor, a silver clasped backpack, a pearl inlaid lion skin sheath, a small daisy, a moonstone engagement ring, a pair of blue diamond studs, a silver charm bracelet, a bright silvery rose, a tiny jade nose ring, a silver moon-link belt, a beautiful polished pearl bracelet, a teardrop shaped sapphire pendant, a black silk pouch with tiny silver stars sewn along the opening, a silvery puma earcuff, a silver ankle bracelet, a delicate gold toe ring, a white satin kerchief, a pair of opalescent silk slippers, a diaphanous white silk cloak, a crystal star earring, a silvery shooting star pin, and a dusty white ingredients satchel.

She notices as you examine her and chuckles with amusement. Rubbing her chin thoughtfully, you get the idea that she is trying to decide where to begin her story.

"Well, it all began on a sunny afternoon in mid-August, a few years back. My earliest memory is being in an alley in some strange place with strange people whispering things to me. Good thing I had my own personal mentor, Lord Keithicus Seltzerus. He showed me how to hunt rats and gave me the low-down on how things worked in the world of Elanthia," she smiled with a distant look on her face, obviously remembering her early years as a young warrior.

"Joining Voln at age 3, I hunted mostly all undead. I was a tough little lass, as I recall I was hunting mummies at age 3, wraiths at age 7, zombies when I was 10 and tree spirits when I was 12. I accomplished many trainings, many steps, and gained a lot of friends doing tree parties," she commented as she leaned back and took a sip of her ice blossom wine. She smiled at you, making sure she still had your full attention.

"When I was 10, I joined Brigatta and also joined the warriors guild, where Keithicus had just recently become a master of tricks. He showed me the tricks and trades of being a warrior." She smiled fondly. "Through my early years, I also hunted in Rivers Rest, where I met my dear friend and sister, Heathyranne," she stopped speaking for a moment, smiling genuinely. "Heathyranne and I grew up together, we used to run around trees causing trouble. I gained a family through her, my brother Muteki, who is my older brother and my best friend in the realms."

You begin to wonder about that shining engagement ring on her finger, and just as you are about to ask, she glances at you and grins. "Ah, this?," as if reading your mind she places one hand on the engagement ring. "That came along later in my life." Let me go on, she said, almost scolding you for rushing her.

"I mastered Voln when I was 26. Of course, that was only because I had friends and family in high places, and without them I would still be halfway down the path of enlightenment. I spent some time in Teras, but I found my true hunting ground on the ledge when I was about 25. I discovered pookas, to whom to this day I still love to hunt." Allynia smiles thoughtfully and leans on you.

"I met a lot of people on the ledge. Heathyranne had a father, Azmoden, who adopted me one day, seeing how the only family I had was my dear sister and brother. I also acquired a sister, Shaemarie, throughout my travels. So now I was all set, had an amazing family, couldn't ask for more, except to be in love, which I cherished for." A slight sigh escaped from her lips as Allynia pulled out her comical orange toy alligator and gave him a warm hug. "My first toy, from Keithicus," Allynia said, idly picking at the alligator.

"Throughout this whole time, Keithicus and I had remained great friends, and we got a little bit closer as time went on. One day, out of the clear blue sky, he came up to the ledge with a dozen long stemmed roses and asked me to marry him. Catching me by surprise, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of happiness as I said yes and accepted the ring." Allynia smiles at you, making you fidget as she tries to read your expression.

You smile back at her, finally beginning to feel as you understood her story, as if you were a part of her. You can imagine everything she is telling you with vivid images.

"Currently, I am level 30, and I live with Keithicus in a townhouse on Tiger Court. Sometime in the future we will get married and I hope to raise our own family. Recently I have been hunting hooded figures and rotting corpses, as well as sheru when I take the time to spell up."

Allynia smiled as she wandered back down into reality. She stretches, as she giggled slightly. "Well, I hope you enjoyed my story. It was nice to take a little trip down memory lane," she said as she reached out and held your hand. Standing up, she stepped out of the swirling mist and waved goodbye to you. Walking confidently, she headed on her way, leaving you wondering where exactly she was going. From what you got out of the conversation, her whereabouts wasn't exactly always predictable.