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The nouns listed on this page have been collected and compiled by players over many years. While this list is a valuable resource, it was not created by Simutronics, and it can (and will continue to) be edited by players. As such, certain "approved" words may not reflect current QC standards. The list is meant to provide options for your merchant interactions and to help stimulate creativity. Each merchant has the final say regarding the type of work they will permit or deny. Inevitably, QC standards will shift in the game, and previously allowed nouns will be forbidden, while previously prohibited nouns will be allowed. When in doubt, ask a merchant. The merchant may even be able to submit a special request to QC to have something approved. Please consider the list as a general guideline, but not an authorized expressed consent list or other database of automatically approved terms. Unlike the officially released Armor and Weapon naming standards, this list does not, and cannot, represent every possible noun for a general alteration. Please see ALTER in game for more information. Thank you.
HEAD aemikvai, atika, atiki, bandana, barrette, bascinet, basinet, basrenne, bonnet, bow, burgonet, cabasset, cap, capotain, carcanet, caul, chaperon, chaplet, circlet, coif, cowl, crespine, crown, diadem, earmuffs, elothrai, face-veil, fascinator, ferrigem, ferroniere, geldaralad, goggles, greathelm, hairbands, haircombs, hairjewels, hairpins, hairsticks, hat, headband, headdress, headpiece, headscarf, headwrap, helm, hennin, hood, kerchief, mantilla, mask, plume, shawl, snood, tiara, tricorn, tricorne, veil, warhelm, wimple
EAR earbob, earcuff, earring, ear-stud, earrings, hoops
NECK amulet, beads, bowtie, choker, collar, cord, lavaliere, locket, medallion, neckchain, necklace, pendant, periapt, talisman, thong, torc
BACK bag, duffel bag, backpack, backsack, back sheath, back-basket, carryall, haversack, harness, knapsack, pack, rucksack
SHOULDER bag, baldric, bandolier, basket, carryall, case, handbag, harness, kit, pack, purse, quiver, reticule, sack, satchel, scabbard, sheath, shoulderbag, sling, tote
CLOAK batiste, beluque, burnoose, caban, cape, capelet, cassock, chasuble, cloak, coat, coatee, dolman, duster, frock, gaberdine, greatcloak, half-cape, jacket, kimono, leine, longcoat, longcloak, manteau, mantle, overcoat, parka, paletot, pelisse, pelisson, raincoat, robe, robes, shawl, shroud, shrug, stole, surcoat, surcote, toqua, vestment, wrap
apron, bandolier, bodice, corset, cyclas, doublet, harness, overrobe, pinafore, smock, surcoat, tabard, vest, waistcoat
ARMOR List of alternative armor names
UNDERNEATH ARMOR arming doublet, blouse, chemise, gambeson, gipon, kirtle, pourpoint, sark, shift, shirt, tunic, underdress, undergown, undershirt, undertunic, underrobe
ARMS armband, arm greaves, arm guards, armlet, vambrace
WRIST armband, bangle, bangles, bracelet, bracer, bracers, cuff, guards, manacle, vambrace, wristband, wrist-band, wristchain, wristcuff, wristlet, wrist pouch
HANDS gauntlet, gauntlets, gloves, handwraps, hand-harness, handflower
FINGER band, finger-armor, pinky ring, ring, rings, talon, thumb ring
WAIST belt, chain, chatelaine, cincher, cincture, corsage, corset, girdle, hip-scarf, sash, scarf, waistchain, waist-cincher
ON BELT bag, case, clutch, gem bag/gem pouch/gem satchel, handbag, hip-kit, hip-satchel, kit, poke, pouch, purse, reliquary, reticule, sack, satchel, scabbard, sheath, tote, tube
LEGS breeches, breeks, hosen, kilt, leggings, pants, petticoat, petticoats, skirt, tights, trews, trousers, underskirts, wrap-skirt
AROUND LEGS greaves, leg greaves, leg-greaves, leg guards, leg wraps, shin guards (approved as of 1/3/18 with "guard" as noun), thigh band, thigh quiver, thigh-band, thigh-quiver
ANKLE anklet, cuff, ankle-cuff, sheath, ankle-sheath
BENEATH SHOES socks, stockings
FEET ankle-boots, boots, brouges, buskins, chopines, clogs, flats, footflower, footwraps, half-boots, knee-boots, poulaines, sabatons, sandals, shoes, slippers, snowshoes, thigh-boots, yatane
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