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What is Amazing Alpaca Adventures

"Amazing Alpaca Adventures" is a game that is played before a Dreavening starts. It is also known as AAA.

How do I join?

Simply whisper JOIN to Dreaven before or during a Dreavening to receive your alpaca. Note you can't whisper JOIN to Dreaven while a race is going on, well you can but you won't receive your alpaca.

Once you have received your alpaca you can play AAA simply by being at the table when the race beings. If AAA is chosen as the game to be played the race starts at around the 11 minute mark of the countdown to when the Dreavening starts, giving you about 4 minutes to get to Dreaven's table once the 15 minute countdown is announced.

How do I play?

Your alpaca does most of the work. There are 10 rounds where your alpaca has to run as far as they can. Each round is broken down into 4 phases.

There is a "speed" phase where your alpaca moves a number of meters based on their speed stat. Your alpaca also has stamina that goes down in every speed phase depending on how high their speed is, if their stamina reaches zero they lose a meter and speed for the rest of the race depending on which division the are in. Alpacas don't start to lose speed until division 2. Stamina is replenished after it reaches zero or by finding a fountain before it reaches zero.

There is an "endurance" phase that checks to see if your alpaca has enough endurance to keep going at the pace of their speed. Not enough endurance results in a loss of meters. The less endurance your alpaca has compared to how much endurance it needs the more meters it will lose. If your alpaca's endurance is high then it has a chance to gain bonus meters. The higher your alpaca's endurance the greater benefit they might receive.

There is a "luck" phase which is a chance for your alpaca to find and enter a portal that will double the number of meters they travel in that round. This bonus is capped by your alpaca's luck stat.

All three of these phases are invisible to you and your alpaca does all of the work. Dreaven will whisper you after each round to explain how your alpaca did during each phase.

The fourth and final round is an event phase. There are two different event phases; interactive events and non-interactive events.

During an interactive event Dreaven will whisper you a predicament your alpaca has found itself in. You will be provided with 3 options that you must choose from, whisper Dreaven the number of the option you want your alpaca to choose.

Here is an example of an interactive event:

"In a clearing up ahead Number 99999 notices a rather large sign reading "Drink me for a boost of speed!" Unfortunately there are three potions below the sign. What should Number 99999 do? Whisper to me just the NUMBER of the answer you want to choose: 973) Drink the blue potion., 1164) Drink the yellow potion., 467) Drink the red potion.."

In this case you would whisper to Dreaven either 973, 1164, or 467. Note these numbers are always random so keep an eye out.

Non-interactive events are events in which your alpaca does all of the work, meaning no input from you is required. Success of non-interactive events depends on the stats of your alpaca. There are events for each of the 6 stats and Dexterity provides a bonus for each event. For example if an Endurance event is chosen then success will depend on your alpaca's Endurance stat and Dexterity stat.

What are my alpaca's stats?

Your alpaca's primary stat is speed. Speed has its own cost to upgrade, which is 100 * speed's current value. For example if your alpaca has 3 speed it would cost 300 tokens to upgrade it to 4.

Speed makes your alpaca run faster so it can cover more ground.

Your alpaca has two secondary stats. Secondary stats share a cost, which is 50 * the sum of all secondary stats. For example if your alpaca has 2 endurance and 5 luck it would cost 350 tokens to upgrade either endurance or luck.

Endurance helps your alpaca maintain its current speed. If endurance is too low your alpaca will need to take breaks which will result in a loss of meters each round.

Luck helps your alpaca in just about every way. It has a chance to provide a boost of speed during the speed phase of the race, it can negate any penalties during the endurance phase if your alpaca's endurance is low, it can energize your alpaca during the endurance phase if your alpaca has a lot of endurance, it has a chance of allowing your alpaca to find a fountain to replenish its stamina, it has a chance of doubling the number of meters your alpaca moves every round by finding a portal, if your alpaca initially fails a non-interactive event luck can provide it with a second chance to succeed. Dreaven will whisper to you clues informing you when your alpaca has been lucky.

Your alpaca has three tertiary stats. Tertiary states share a cost, which is 25 * the sum of all tertiary stats. For example if your alpaca has 3 Dexterity, 6 Intelligence, and 5 Charisma then the next upgrade will cost 350 tokens.

Dexterity provides a small bonus to your alpaca to succeed during all non-interactive events. This bonus even applies to Dexterity events.

Intelligence gives all stats a small boost at the beginning of the race. Intelligence does not boost itself.

Charisma allows your alpaca to earn bonus tokens. This bonus is applied whenever your alpaca earns tokens.

Stamina determines how far your alpaca can move before it needs to take a rest to replenish their stamina. When this happens your alpaca loses some meters and speed for the rest of the race. Your alpaca has a chance depending on its luck to find a fountain that will replenish their stamina before they run out. How much speed your alpaca loses depends on which division they are in, alpacas in division 0 and 1 do not lose speed. Your alpaca's stamina is also determined by which division they are in.

How do I upgrade my alpaca's stats?

Tokens are required to upgrade your alpaca's stats.

There are several ways to earn tokens.

Some random events will award tokens if you are successful.

You will earn 3000 tokens for placing first in your division after a race, 2000 for second, and 1000 for third.

You can also earn tokens for placing overall in a race. Placing first overall awards you with 1500 tokens, 1000 for second, and 500 for third.

You receive 1000 tokens as a participation bonus for playing in a race.

You also receive 1 token for every meter your alpaca moves during a race.

Can I rename my alpaca?

You sure can! Your alpaca's name is their number when they first start out, but once they have proven themselves a worthy racing alpaca you unlock the ability to rename them.

Your alpaca can be renamed once they have placed first in a division during a race or after they have participated in 15 total races.

You can also choose Male or Female for their gender. Alpacas start out as a Neutral gender and you can choose to keep this as their gender if you wish.