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An elven merchant is a perpetual visitor to the town of Zul Logoth.


The elven merchant is thin, even gaunt, for an elf.  His dark green silk shirt fits him well, as do his sienna cotton pants and polished black shoes.  The shoes show scuffing, however, as if it has been some time since they have been polished.  His blonde hair is long enough to touch the tip of his upturned collar, and his blue eyes scan everything with a slightly distressed look.

Idle Messaging

  • An elven merchant walks in and peers around, looking quite lost.
  • An elven merchant glances around and says, "I think I've been in this part of the city before. It kind of looks familiar."
  • An elven merchant says, "I hear there's good silver to be made in bringing in foodstuffs and lumber here. Can't grow their own properly."
  • An elven merchant stops and takes a yellow handkerchief from his pocket. He mops his brow before returning the handkerchief to whence it came.
  • An elven merchant says to no one in particular, "Ta'Illistim I know, but this city is...confusing."
  • An elven merchant's stomach growls loudly, and he blushes and looks quite chagrined.
  • Looking quite disoriented and unsure, an elven merchant throws his shoulders back and strikes off in a new direction.