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An overgrown snail named Speedy lives in the town of Zul Logoth.


The overgrown snail crawls around slowly on its single lubricated foot, leaving a slime trail behind wherever it goes.  Its grey body has a greenish undertone, and its skin is rough and raspy.  Perched atop its back, the home of the overgrown snail is a thick, rounded shell nearly three feet in diameter.  The shell spirals into a central point.  The overgrown snail peers out from a pair of grey, lidless eyes set upon twin stalks.  Some individual with too much time on his or her hands has painted a green, red and black tartan design on the snail's entire shell.

Idle Scripts

  • An overgrown snail stretches its stalks as high as it can and peers around as if searching for something.
  • An overgrown snail crawls up a nearby wall, pauses, then crawls down again, leaving a bright slime trail on the wall.
  • An overgrown snail opens its mouth wide, displaying countless rows of short, sharp teeth.
  • An overgrown snail bubbles and foams, emitting a greenish froth from its mouth. It is difficult to tell if this is because it is happy, in pain, or just feels like frothing.
  • A young dwarven girl walks up to an overgrown snail and drops a piece of food. "There ya go, Speedy!" she says cheerfully. She walks away, and the overgrown snail devours the food ravenously.
  • An overgrown snail crawls away, leaving a trail of sticky, clear slime in its wake.
  • An overgrown snail crawls in, its underbody rippling to provide locomotion.