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Author: Avaluka
Date: 8/18/21

The headgear Avatar attack is a triggered attack (using WAVE). It doesn't curently do anything reactive, but will add the armor or weapon/shield flares if you have the items wielded, too.

I mean, if you unlock Animalistic Avatar on the headdress, when you use the headdress' Avatar (WAVE) attack, it will add the armor's Animalistic Instinct flares (knockdown+RT). So they will be rooted, prone, and in RT.

Category: Paid Events: Adventures, Quests, and SimuCoins
Topic: Duskruin Arena
Message #: 14094
Date: 1/29/2022
Subject: New updates to Animalistic Spirit headdresses - Animalistic Apparition and more

Animalistic Spirit headdresses are getting a few new tricks that you can unlock this Duskruin. In addition, a better variety of off-the-shelf headgear has been added to the shop, Heady Spirits, this year, including functional helms with and without neck coverage.

There is also a new overall type of headdress available - hoods and cowls. This simply changes relevant messaging so it looks correct when wearing/removing. This type is available to fluff headgear, as well as functional helms that allow the noun "hood" (mainly, I believe, leather greathelms with head/neck coverage).

An example of a hood/cowl (fluff version) in how it looks in the features:
You see GameMaster Avaluka.
She appears to be a Giantman of the Yachan Dai.
Drawn up over her head is a peaked black linen cowl, the edge partially shading her features. Sewn to the top of the cowl are a pair of triangular pieces of cloth made to look like pointed ears, thick stitching running along their edges to make them stand upright.
She is taller than average and has a willowy figure. She appears to be very young. She has long-lashed blue-green eyes and alabaster skin. She has long, thick light brown hair. She has a heart-shaped face and a sloping nose.

=New Unlockable Features=

  • A new tier of fluff verbs, which adds 4 new verbs: Gaze, Bow, Roll, and Slap.

NOTE: GAZE, like NOD, will let you specify any of the 'GAZE' styles. The other verbs will work with demeanor. All verbs are also targetable.

>gaze forlorn my cowl
Heaving a heavy sigh and slumping your shoulders, you gaze forlornly at your surroundings. A latticework of night black energy spreads over the surface of the black linen cowl on your head, tendrils of the light sinking briefly into your eyes.

(These are with Demeanor = Cold.)
>bow my cowl
Rolling your eyes, you grudgingly incline your body forward in a mocking bow, one hand going to your black linen cowl to keep it in place. As you straighten up, you run a hand over the sharply pointed ears adorning the top of it, eddies of night black light following the movement in circles around each of them.
>roll my cowl
Hardening your expression into a cold glare, you make an annoyed scoffing noise in your throat and roll your eyes. A corona of night black sparks suffuses the surface of the black linen cowl on your head as a faint ghostly hiss overlays your noise of derision.
>slap my cowl
Snarling deep in your throat, you swing your hand up threateningly. The sudden motion causes the black linen cowl on your head to shift slightly, the sharply pointed ears adorning the top of it becoming slightly askew as a spray of night black motes rises into the air.

NOTE: You can silently PROD the headdress to remove the second sentence of most of these, so you can choose when you want a little extra spirit light in your actions or when you want a more plain action.

  • A new unlockable feature known as "Animalistic Apparition", which allows a representation of the current spirit in the headdress to show up in your LOOK description at the very bottom of the output.

NOTE: This works with the "imprinted" spirits you may also have with the headdress, so you can imprint the headdress to spirits in your other Animalistic Spirit items and switch which spirit you want to show up.

You can change how the spirit looks to others by using SPIN - this will either hide it from appearing in your LOOK or cycle between different "moods". The spirits can look "aggressive", "neutral", or "defensive". You will only get access to all 3 poses/looks if you have fully tamed the spirit in the headdress.

Examples (appears at the bottom of your LOOK output):
Aggressive - Flickering near Avaluka is a sleek cat, its luminous figure composed of night black energy. Ears pinned flat against its head and fur puffed out, it bares its sharp teeth angrily.
Neutral - Flickering near Avaluka is a sleek cat, its luminous figure composed of night black energy. Posture stiff and gaze aloof, it languidly grooms its paw.
Defensive - Flickering near Avaluka is a sleek cat, its luminous figure composed of night black energy. Ears perked forward and eyes alert, it stalks in a protective circle around her.