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Category: General
Subject: Bow Verb Styles Added
Author: GS4-VANAH
Date: 2023/09/08

The BOW verb has seen several updated.

  • Humans previously had five styles: CONTEMPT, GRAND, MOCKING, RESPECT, and SUBMISSIVE. These have been opened up to Half-Elves as well as humans.
  • Half-Elves have two new style options: CLASH and BLEND
  • Erithian BOW DEEP has been opened up to all; BOW GLIDE has been added to the Erithian list to replace it.
  • BOW RACE, BOW CULTURE, and BOW CITIZENSHIP have been added to allow you to bow in a way characteristic to your upbringing.
  • Hand signal for Volnath Dai has been added
  • Erithian hand signals outside of BOW RECOGNITION have been added to BOW CULTURE
  • General bowing styles added:
  AMUSED           - Amused, you bow slightly and offer brief acknowledgement by
                     inclining your head.
  CLUMSY           - You go to bow and then fall over.  Clumsy oaf!
  COURTEOUS        - You place an arm against your waist and courteously bow.
  COY              - You flash a quick wink before placing one hand across your waist
                     and the other behind your back as you lean forward into a coy bow.
  CURSORY          - You bend slightly at the waist in a cursory bow.
  CURT             - You reluctantly give a very brief bow.
  DEEP             - You bow deeply.
  DIGNITY          - Laying one hand behind your back, palm open, and one across your
                     waist, you bow with an air of great dignity.
  DISTRACTED       - You bow slightly, displaying clear signs of distraction but not
                     missing your duty to etiquette.
  ESTEEM           - You extends open hands while gracefully scraping your right leg
                     behind to lean forward in a subtle bow of esteem.
  EXAGGERATED      - Smirking, you offer an exaggerated bow full of flourishes and
                     mocking acknowledgement.
  FLIPPANT         - Affecting a smirk and quirking your brow, you flippantly bow in
                     a display of mocking respect.
  HURRIED          - Remembering your manners at the last moment, you give a hurried bow.
  OVERCOME         - Overcome with emotions, you lay your hand on your heart and bow
                     slightly, utilizing etiquette when all words have failed you.
  PERFUNCTORY      - You offer a perfunctory bow that is poised, calm, and collected.
  POLITE           - Inclining your head slightly, you offer the most minimal of bows
                     with an air of utmost politeness.
  RECOGNITION      - Nodding slightly, you bow in recognition.
  SILENT           - Closing your eyes, you slowly bow your head, taking a moment to
                     pause in a silent display of respect. 
  SNEER            - Your lips curl into a contemptuous sneer as you perform a stiff,
                     shallow bow.
  SOLEMN           - Clasping your hands before you, you solemnly close your eyes and
                     bow your head in a sign of the utmost respect.
  STAGE            - You lift your hands over your head before dropping them with
                     exaggerated poise as you fold into a bow to the right, then
                     stand and bow to the left.
  RACE             - You perform a distinctly {racial} bow.
  CULTURE          - You perform a bow characteristic of {culture}.
  CITIZENSHIP      - You perform a bow characteristic of those from {city}.


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