Announcement:Custom Fatal Afflares Spin

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Category: Events
Subject: Duskruin: Custom Fatal Afflares Spin
Author: GS4-TIVVY
Date: 2023/08/18

Five certificates for custom Fatal Afflares will be spun for on Thursday, August 24th, at 9 PM Eastern in Prime and 9:30 PM Eastern in Platinum. Winners will be able to purchase an attuned (37,5000 bloodscrip) or unattuned (50,000 bloodscrip) version of the certificate for custom Fatal Afflares which must be redeemed immediately. Please be prompt as spinning will begin shortly after 9PM, and winners will be moved to a separate room for redemptions. You must have the redeemed bloodscrip and the item you wish to apply the certificate to on you at the time of the spin. No passing will be allowed.

For information on Fatal Afflares, check out the shop page info.


Custom Fatal Afflares to be spun for on 2023-08-24.