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Category: General
Subject: Musings from Claerine, a vignette
Date: 2024-03-02

Pulling a duster from the nearby bin of cleaning supplies, Claerine gently passed the feathers over various surfaces found in her shop. With a distracted hum matching the warbles of nearby songbirds, she continued to work until one of the jewelers under her employ showed her a sample piece recently completed.

“Oh, they’ll love that, I think,” Claerine mused, holding it up to her scrutinous gaze while also attempting to hide it from the view of customers. She hands it back to the jeweler who offers a simple nod and pleased smile before returning it to a nearby box, locking it away.

With a contented sigh, Claerine returns to her task, pausing every so often to speak with the clientele who wander in. As if seeing the same displayed wares for the umpteenth time over the course of the years, they disguised their wrinkled noses and disappointment while Claerine maintained a gracious smile, almost unable to contain her enthusiasm for the upcoming surprises she had in store.

“Oh,” she called out to each customer as they began to exit. “If there’s anything you see currently that you would regret not getting later, be sure to get it now. We’ll be closing in a couple of weeks to liquidate our current offerings and work on some new items for your buying pleasure.” Each acknowledged her statement with a wide grin before heading out.

OOC: Jewels of the Sky will be closing in 2 weeks (3/16/2024). Be sure to get your jewelry pieces from there before this date!


Jewels of the Sky will be closing in 2 weeks (3/16/2024), for an unknown period of time.