Announcement:The Premium Unlocker Opens

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Category: Premium
Subject: The Premium Unlocker Opens
Author: GS4-TIVVY
Date: 2024-02-04

The Premium Automated Unlocker is open! Each premium subscriber account can unlock one eligible scripted item once a month. You can head to u3201208 (The Lighthouse, Stairwell) and then GO ALCOVE.

TURN CONTRAPTION will list all of the names of the scripts it can currently unlock. It will also list the number of unlockable tiers available for that script via this service. The number listed is NOT THE MAXIMUM TIER (in some cases it will be the same, but that's not what you should assume) but the total number of unlock tiers allowed for that script from its off-the-shelf state/base tier.

TOUCH CONTRAPTION will check the item in your right hand to determine if it's eligible for further unlocks, but will not unlock it.

PUSH CONTRAPTION will unlock the item in your right hand.

Many thanks to Zombie-in-Chief Wyrom, APM Isten, and GM Aiza for QC, to the many GMs who have generously allowed their scripts to be unlocked, and to the players who assisted with testing.


Premium subscribers can unlock eligible items once per month with the Premium Unlocker.