Announcement:WoodChopper Box Update v.2

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Category: General
Subject: WoodChopper Box Updates
Date: 2023/07/18

Just when you thought things couldn't get better... Woodn't Yew returns with some excellent news! (Yes, we know it's after Rumor Woods, and we're sorry, but some things take time and it's better late than never.)

The WoodChopper Box Tier 3 has seen some new and wonderful functionality added!

At Tier 3:

  • POKE will now allow you to customize the finish (aka article) of your toothpicks, weavables, LM clasps, cobbling materials, and HairPicks!
  • You can now PROD weavables to do beads/spacers, or ornaments for more fun shapes!
  • Cobbling patterns have been updated to include clogs, wedge-heeled sandals, and high or low chopines.
  • SPIN has been added to allow you to customize the shape of your weavable beads/ornaments, LM clasps, cobbling settings, and hairpicks!
  • PONDER has been added so you can see available finishes/nouns for the item you're considering making.

But wait, there's more! You will now be able to add up to 3 finishes and 2 nouns to make your WoodChopper Box do what you want it to do!

The ANALYZE has been updated to reflect this information, as well! We at Woodn't Yew are humbly proud of our latest innovations and hope you enjoy them, as well.

Please note: Due to the added functionality of Tier 3, the Tier 3 unlock may be priced higher at future Rumor Woods runs.

Special thanks to GMs Isten and Retser for the QC, and GM Vanah for the additional help with some feature creeeeeeeping.


The WoodChopper Box has some new updates that should be sure to delight crafters!