Announcement:Yasrenila Compound Garden Decor Contest

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Category: Prime
Subject: Contest: Yasrenila Compound Garden Decor
Author: GS4-Casil
Date: 2023/06/09

Due to the devastating flood that destroyed the Yasrenila Compound in Neartofar Forest, the Greengair are looking for local artists, gardeners, and designers (gnomish or not) to help rebuild their assortment of outdoor artwork and decorations. These can include things such as outdoor sculptures, windchimes, bird baths, garden decorations, lanterns, benches, etc.

All submissions should be appropriate for a forest or garden setting, as these will be permanent installations in the compound. The gnomes would prefer nothing be themed toward the Arkati, unless that Arkati is named Imaera.

Submissions are due by 11:59PM PST on 6/15.

Please note that this will be considered an IN CHARACTER donation to the compound, and credit will be given to the chosen character as the artist/designer. Only one submission per character is allowed, though you may submit up to two items as an individual player (total across all accounts). Winners will be voted on by a panel of GMs. Submissions are subject to QC and necessary changes may be made to adhere to QC standards.

In addition to the work being created in game, the winners will receive one alteration.

Google Form: Garden Decor Contest Form Discord Forum:


Design a garden thing, maybe win prestige and a prize.