Announcement: 2023 - Dragonfly Festival - Eyeano's Flowers

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Category: General
Subject: Eyeano Collects Flowers
Author: GS4-Thandiwe
Date: 7/19/2023

Eyeano will once again be working at the Dragonfly Festival. For those of you that do not remember her, she is a young Aelotoi who collects flowers for the Ceremony of Remembrance. In exchange for providing her with 50 unique flowers, she will gift you the fabled glaesine crystal dragonfly.

This dragonfly will allow you to transport to Cysaegir once a month, though if you are an Aelotoi it will allow you to transport to Cysaegir once a week.

The dragonfly is a tiered item and can be unlocked by any Aelotoi Merchant at the festival. Unlocking the dragonfly provides it with extra fluff verbs.

Regarding the flowers: Eyeano will provide you with information on each flower. While most flowers can be foraged and turned in, there are 10 unique flowers that only bloom in Whistler’s Pass. You’ll be able to collect them during the festival.


The Glaesine Crystal Dragonfly will be available again.