Announcement: Aelotoi Verb Updates

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Category: General
Subject: Aelotoi Verb Updates
Author: GS4-Thandiwe
Date: 2023/07/21

In honor of Dragonfly Festival, we are pleased to announce several updates to the FLUTTER and SWEAR verbs for aelotoi.

FLUTTER now has a specific section listed as WINGSONG that will allow aelotoi to FLUTTER PLAY SLOW or FAST. This allows them to use their wings as an instrument and typing these allow will cause messaging about the type of music they produce with their wings at 15 – 30 second intervals, the same as if they were playing an instrument.

While FLUTTER PLAY is active, they can also utilize the following responses:
FLUTTER CLAP – this will let you punctuate your music with a quick clap of your wings.
FLUTTER THUMP – this allows you to create a tempo with your hands while your wings are play.
FLUTTER SLOW – if you are playing fast, this allows you to slow your rhythm down.
FLUTTER FAST – if you are playing slow, this allows you to speed up your rhythm.
FLUTTER STOP – this will end your performance.

FLUTTER also has the following new styles: brave, curious, distracted, excited, playful and stretch

SWEAR now has three specific swear styles for aelotoi that can be targeted at <self>, <object>, <creature>, <player>, or left completely untargeted.

SWEAR WINGLESS – lets you curse the wingless fools you find yourself around.

  • Narrowing your eyes, you curse your ineffective wings and briefly wish you were one of the wingless fools that walk Elanith.

SWEAR REGRET – lets you issue a curse that you regret.

  • You mutter a vile curse, your flashes of quick anger growing colorful as you pluck uncouth words from the multiple races of Elanith. As the last word tumbles from your lips, you feel a flush of regret and embarrassment color your cheeks.

SWEAR PLUCK – lets you wish you could pluck a fellow aelotoi’s wings off their back because they have made you that angry.

  • Spitefully cursing, you angrily wish the downfall of Elanthian society at the hands of the kiramon.

Special thank you GM Vanah for making this live and GM Isten for his QC work. Also, special thanks to the player of Nayolan for the concept of WingSong and for the inspiration to add it as a verb for all aelotoi.


Aelotoi get additional Flutter and Swear verbs.