Announcement: And the World Spins On...

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Category: General
Subject: Announcement: And the World Spins On...
Date: 2024-02-16

With this year’s Duskruin, we are attempting something new. Some of the storylines will be continuing at Bloodriven Village and you may see some Merchants as well. While not all storylines or towns may have a way to weave a town like Bloodriven into their workings, some will and may. As such, we’ve created an avenue for this to happen. Please keep an eye on the calendar for these events. All events will be on the calendar if they are to happen, there will be no surprises or pop-ups to ensure that those interested don’t miss out.

Also, some merchants may come around. All merchants will also be on the calendar, and they will be in public areas. Merchants will not be associated with shops, though they may work on shop items.

We hope that you enjoy these changes. Who knows, perhaps you’ll see one of the local authorities of your favorite town in the Cheap Seats, cheering you on.


Merchants, Storylines, Bloodriven.