Announcement: CHE Papermaker Postcard Update

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Category: CHE
Subject: CHE Papermaker Postcard Update
Author: GS4-Thandiwe
Date: 12/26/2022

Greetings, I would like to offer each of you the ability to generate a special postcard tied to your grounds that can be created by the papermaker.  The postcard setup is easy enough but must follow the below guidelines:

1. It will always have the following statement as the last line: "  Crisp bold letters stretch across the top."
2. Reading the postcard will always generate: "Greetings from NAME!"
3. The base postcard will always be "a painted NAME postcard".
4. NAME in 2 and 3 can be different.  For example: "a painted House of Argent Aspis postcard" and "Greetings from the Historic Home of Bardfest"
5. The LOOK of the postcard can not be longer than 466 characters, double-spaced.

Please select one officer to oversee this process.  Once you have a design, please email it to  Once I have 5 postcards (from the various CHEs and MHOs) I'll drop them into QC and wait for the next batch.  I'd like to do a rolling implementation.  Once everyone's has been implemented, I hope to open up Event Specific options based on Constellation Times.  This would be a special postcard available during specific constellation cycles for events that you hold annually.  A good example is the House of Paupers Haunted House or the Cairnfang Manor Seafarer's Festival.

Please do not feel obligated to accept this offer, but if you do not wish to utilize it, then please also let me know so that I can take you off my list.

Thank you for your time, ~*~ Thandiwe


CHE's are being given the opportunity to create special postcards for their Houses.