Announcement: Citizenship Title Updates

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Category: General
Subject: Citizenship Title Updates
Author: GS4-XYNWEN
Date: 2023/09/16

On behalf of all your town gurus, I would like to announce a major update to the TITLE system. If you are a citizen of a town, you now have access to three citizenship title groups (TITLE LIST will show them).

Citizen-Pre: Prename titles available to citizens
Citizen-Post: Postname titles available to citizens
Citizen-Append: Appended titles available to citizens

What are Appended Titles, you ask? These are titles that go after your post-name.

(Prename) Character FN Character LN, the (Postname) (of Append)

So, for example...
Winterberry Recruiter Xynwen Cz'lyval the River Rat of the Bazaar

TITLE APPEND will toggle whether or not you want your appended one to display.

There are over 400 citizenship-based titles that have just gone live; because of this, you will only be able to see the ones for the town you have citizenship in. We encourage players to share the various options and update the wiki!

If you change citizenship, you will lose access to those citizenship titles from the other town. No wearing a River's Rest title if you are a Teras citizen!

**FYI**: Titles that use components of the Premium Purchased titles do still require that you have purchased that set. ( -- you do not need to still be premium. Once you own that set, you always have it, so if you ever purchased it, you will have access to citizenship titles that use variations on those.

KUDOS AND THANK YOUS TO ALL THE TOWN GURUS!!! This was a major joint effort by all of us.

Many thanks to GM Netz for the original idea. And to APM Isten who kept having to QC as we expanded and expanded.

And especially thank you to GM Naiken who made this dream of ours a reality. You are a rockstar!

And of course, thank you to our players, the citizens of our towns....we do this for you!

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