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Category: General
Subject: Contest: In Frame (Updated: 9/15/2023)
Author: GS4-Thandiwe
Date: 8/18/2023

This contest is now closed.

Our Entrants are:
Myharl Starletdawn Traiva Maylan Cherlia Uniana Velitchka Stravakis Kayse Meliyara Missoni Sabretache Faendryl
Please look for our next announcement on 9/15/2023!
Original Contest Posting
Open to anyone, this contest is to create a piece of artwork that is framed and can be hung on a wall. The artwork must adhere to the contest rules.
Rules of the Contest:
Create a Piece of Art that can be hung on a wall.
Artwork must include either a local flower, herb, or something to do with crafting (ie: weaving, cobbling, papermaking, etc.)
Only one entry per account may be submitted.
Fill out the Contest Form found here.

The contest deadline is August 31st, 2023. Winners will be announced on September 15th.
Discord Forum Discussion
First Place Winners can pick two items from the list below, second-place and third-place winners can pick one item from the list below:

Congratulations to our winners!

First Place: Maylan
Second Place: Uniana
Third Place: Meliyara

  1. An experience modifying RPA (roleplaying award - account attuned).
  2. 250,000 silvers.
  3. Either two feature alterations OR a full unique field alteration (NO BODY ALTERATIONS - Nothing below the neck).
  4. A custom tattoo.
  5. Two separate alteration services (or a long and a show on a single item).

Your win will be logged to your account.


Create a framed piece of artwork to be hung on a wall that represents either a local to Solhaven flower or herb OR something used for crafting (ie: weaving, cobbling, etc.)