Announcement: Contest ~ Ta'Illistim Bakery Update

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Category: Prime
Subject: Ta'Illistim Bakery Update Contest
Author: GS4-Valyrka
Date: 7/17/2023

Braesella has always prided herself on her skill and her creativity in the bakery but lately she has heard her goods called bland and uncreative. Business has not been good. Her son suggested that she look for new flavor combinations and local sources for fresh ingredients.

To that end… We are running a contest.

Please submit to the contest using this Form

Rules: Submission is open to all. Only 1 Entry per account Submissions must include player account, character name, and two new baked goods. Each item must use one ingredient that can be sourced locally around Ta'Illistim.

Contest deadline is August 4, 2023.

Entrants are invited to participate in a bake-off on September 9 at 1:00 PM ET. You may use whatever means you have to show off your baking skills and highlight one of your food items. This is an optional event and does not prevent you from submitting food items for consideration.

Discord Announcement:

Discord Forum:


Bakery Contest in Ta'Illistim