Announcement: Duskruin Battle Vault

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Category: Events
Subject: Battle Vaults at Duskruin!
Author: GS4-WYROM
Date: 2024-02-16

This run we will have a new item in the SimuCoin Store that will cost 6,500 SimuCoins. It will include two 25-count booklets, 30 Advanced Spellup Pills, and two special items attuned to your character. You may only redeem one BATTLE VAULT per run of Duskruin per character. Because it is per character, you can redeem multiple per account if you wish to have the extras that come with it. The BATTLE VAULT itself is not attuned in any way, so you can trade them, hand them off, etc. But I'll repeat, you can only redeem one per character though.

BATTLE VAULT: SPECIAL ITEMS The first special item is an empty golem chassis! This item will be used to collect golem parts from the arena and sewer. You will be able to rebuild a golem. You will need the chassis to be able to start the build process, which means you will need a BATTLE VAULT to participate in the build-a-golem item. You will need a bunch of drops from the arena and/or sewers to complete it. The chassis is exclusive to February. In August, you can bring your golem to life with the exclusive BATTLE VAULT item which will be a motor of sorts! Once you fully complete your golem in August, you will have a golem companion who will follow you around and do an assortment of actions! These golems are character attuned. BATTLE VAULTS that are purchased in February and March will always produce a chassis, even if redeemed in August.

The second special item is a golden scroll that will award 2x base experience absorption for 30 days. These scrolls can only be redeemed during the February/March run of Duskruin, afterwards, they will expire and will not work. You can wait to any point of this run of Duskruin to activate it and it will last 30 days from that point on. Start it right on Friday with Duskruin or wait until March 10th to have after! Maybe start it on March 1st? The choice is yours! Just don't let it expire! These are character-attuned, so the character who redeems the BATLLE VAULT is the only character that can redeem the golden scroll.


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