Announcement: Duskruin February 2023 Prime Mania Teaser List

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Category: Events
Subject: Prime Mania Teaser List - Duskruin February 2023
Author: GS4-TIVVY
Date: 2023/02/24

Below you will find a list of items included in the Prime Mania Auction on February 25th. While we've endeavored to make this list as accurate as possible, please note that some items may have slight variations in description or attributes so make sure during the auction you carefully inspect them before bidding. Also note that some items listed below may not be available in all instances, that some late additions/removals may still happen, and that some of the below items have multiple copies in the auction.

a slender gold ring streaked with veins of argent Unlimited Use Gold Ring
a tiny loresong label Custom Loresong
a claw-clutched Elanthian globe talisman Item supercharger
an onyx-marbled smooth bone horn Animated Disk
a skull-painted mask Custom spell prep prop/illusion relic
a grey-swirled coraesine relic Coraesine Relic
a tiny stone envelope Private Property Mailbox Add on
a smoky glass sphere OSA - auction quality transport sphere
a mist-filled crystalline orb OSA - Weather orb auction quality
a ghostwood wand OSA - Signal Wand Auction Quality
a split-shoulder cassis silk gown spilling into a train of amethyst chiffon T3 Peretta Gown
a floor-length cloak of charcoal-dyed wool draped in layers of striated furs T3 Peretta Cloak
an aquamarine property voucher Private Property #1 - Spirit of the Mist
a faded copper property voucher Private Property #2 - Agave Abode
a vividly inked ivory property voucher Private Property #3 - Arboreal Farmstead
a twilight-hued property voucher Private Property #4 - Twilight Gallery
a powdery blue property voucher Private Property #5 - Spindrift Sanctuary
a tropical blue property voucher Private Property #6 - The Vengeance
a front-toggled ebony linen shirt caught with a single pauldron Drunk Undershirt with +3 to Spirit Recovery, +10 to Stamina Recovery, +10 to Constitution Base
some silver gloves studded with somnis barbs Greater Somnis 8x UCS gloves with 5 CER
a sleek ghostwood case Contains a pair of 7x Greater Somnis hand crossbows with Terror Flares
a crystal-edged vultite dagger Chronomage dagger
a troll king heart pendant Troll heart
a silver-lacquered jadewood easel affixed to a trio of braided electrum chains T2 Easel
a vine-wrapped widowwood easel draped in fragile arathiel-crafted florals T2 Easel
a tiny clay basket Unlocked Basketifier w/ 5 custom foods
an effervescent white elixir 2000 Sanctification boost potion
an effervescent absinthe green tincture 2000 Enchant boost potion
an effervescent purple philter 2000 Ensorcell boost potion
a saffron-streaked aura surita scepter draped with strands of lion's mane 8x greater surita spore staff, T5 Dispel flares, +20 Dex bonus
a gold-banded eonake kite shield emblazoned with a stark white sunburst 6x spiked unlocked energy shield with MK Shield Throw
a tiny house figurine Semicustom Private Property
a tiny stone still Private Property Install-A-Still
an ivory-horned rolton pin SK 1417 item
an ivory-pipped ebon dice brooch SK 1435 item
a scarab-caged dark urnon lockpick Self-Repairing Lockpick
a ring-adorned blackened hand Coinhand
a helical plinite cuff Plinite Wristband
a sun-aged dark leather tricorne tucked with a skull-inked map OSA hat


Here is the short list of teasers for the Mania Auction on February 25th at 8PM.