Announcement: Enchanted Frames Contest Winners

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Category: Prime
Subject: Solhaven Wizard's Guild Picture Contest
Date: 2024-02-08

Thank you to all out wonderful participants. The contest is over and the votes are in! Our winners are:

  • First Place: Lylia
  • Second Place: Myharl
  • Third Place (three way tie):
    • Cherlia
    • Kialeigh
    • Phanna

Please assist you claim your prize. Prizes are:

Below is the prize list that you are allowed to use for the contest.

  1. An experience modifying RPA (roleplaying award - account attuned).
  2. 250,000 silvers.
  3. Either two feature alterations OR a full unique field alteration (NO BODY ALTERATIONS - Nothing below the neck).
  4. A custom tattoo.
  5. Two separate alteration services (or a long and a show on a single item).
First-place winners may select two items from above.
Second and Third-place winners may select one item from above.


Winners Announced for Enchanted Frames Contest