Announcement: February 2023 Duskruin HESS additions

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Category: Events
Subject: February 2023 Duskruin HESS additions
Author: GS4-TIVVY
Date: 2023/02/13

Item Name Service Cost in Bloodscrip Notes
a miniature bejeweled pixane Make an armor accessory magical 2,500
an ink-stained napkin Convert an x/day item into an x/day tattoo 5,000 Must specify existing unscripted tattoo. Changes from MIU to Arcane Symbols activation.
a rusting helmet-shaped curio Convert one helm-type into another helm-type 5,000
a small capyxita postcard Change an illusion spell prep prop circle to another spell circle 5,000
a chartreuse acuity stub Add +3/+5 acuity up to 15x 75,000 This will not be offered next run. A surcharge of 250K can be paid if you want to do more than 5 services worth of acuity on a single item this run.
a bubble-shaped contract Minor Bubble Flare potency add (+1) 12,500
a rune-etched miniature imp Valence Weapon script add 250,000
an ebonwood miniature verlok Valence Armor script add 250,000
an ivory castle miniature Elven Armor script add 250,000 Armor must be made out of eahnor, vaalorn, or high steel, and only on studded leather or heavier armors (AsG 11-20).
a faceted crystal icicle Climatewear script add 40,000
a miniature clockwork crossbow Mechanical crossbow script add 250,000 No hand crossbows
a crystalline wand trinket Wand bow script add 250,000 No hand crossbows


New additions to the High End Scrip Shop at Duskruin