Announcement: Fullmetal Crucibles Debut

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Category: Events
Subject: Fullmetal Crucibles Debut at Duskruin in Scoria and Dross
Author: GS4-TIVVY
Date: 02/07/2023

Fullmetal Crucibles are a device used to melt weapons, armor, and forging slabs to create other metal objects. They will NOT accept Duskruin ores. Any overage beyond the required amount of material fed into the crucible will be lost and will NOT be replaced, so please plan accordingly!

Drop metal weapons, armor, or forging slabs into the crucible to melt it down into something else.

LOOK at the crucible while in use for cues as to the next step necessary to cast your new creations.

These are sold off the shelf and can be unlocked twice. Each unlock adds additional metal types that can be melted and cast into new items.

You may TWIST a Life Aquatic sea creature onto the crucible to change the default quencher creature.

Without a mold placed in the crucible before use, it will generate a 25 pound forging slab when 25 pounds of material have been fed to it.


Plaster molds are single use molds that let you create one item before the mold is destroyed. Cast iron molds are permanent molds that can be reused endlessly.

Plaster trick coin molds, cast iron bead molds, and cast iron picture frame molds will be available for purchase in Scoria and Dross as well.


Fullmetal Crucibles will be sold at Duskruin, allowing you to melt down weapons, armor, and forging slabs to make other metal items and forging slabs.