Announcement: Jewels of the Sky Wares Contest Winners

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Category: General
Subject: Jewels of the Sky Wares Contest Winners
Date: 2024-02-15

Thank you to all our wonderful participants. The contest is over and the votes are in! Our winners are:

First Place: Tairngaire

Second Place: Vincien

Please assist you claim your prize. Prizes are:

  1. An experience modifying RPA (roleplaying award - account attuned).
  2. 250,000 silvers.
  3. Either two feature alterations OR a full unique field alteration (NO BODY ALTERATIONS - Nothing below the neck).
  4. A custom tattoo.
  5. Two separate alteration services (or a long and a show on a single item).

First-place winners may select two items from above.

Second-place winners may select one item from above.

Discord forum discussion

Winners will have 30 days from the date of this announcement to submit an ASSIST in order to redeem their prize.


Congratulations to our winners and thanks to our participants!