Announcement: Kraken's Fall Ranger Mayhem

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Category: General
Subject: Kraken's Fall Ranger Mayhem - New Animal Companions and Ranger Shack
Author: GS4-Thandiwe
Date: 2023/03/17

Tonight, the pirates of the Scuttling Crab (or was it the Chubby Capybara?) crashed at the Fifth Pier on Kraken's Fall. It would seem they were arguing over the name of the ship while they were playing with some crated animals and there was a bit of confusion over if the helmsman said "Are we near the pier?" and the cook thought she asked "Is that a deer?"

Unfortunately, their ship crashed, and a crate of animals spilled all over, causing havoc on the island!

Fandele, Shteve, and Oluwande ended up shipwrecked!

Randomly, some hermit followed the crew and set up a hut out in the wilds.

OOC Note

New Animal Companions on Kraken's Fall!

New Kraken’s Fall Avians: fairy prion, gannet, skua, osprey, and albatross
New Kraken’s Fall Canines: tanuki, coydog, culpeo, deerhound, and bloodhound
New Kraken’s Fall Felines: tigrina, oncilla, colocolo, fishing cat, and caraval
New Kraken’s Fall Rodents: capybara, castoroides, hispid hare, nutria, and opossum

There is also now a ranger shack in the Shoals.


New Animal Companions and a Ranger Hut are now on Kraken's Fall.