Announcement: Locker Updates and Family Vaults

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Category: Development
Subject: Locker Updates and Family Vaults
Author: GS4-Estild
Date: 2023/03/31

We are excited that the long-awaited updates are here!


Time for some much needed space! Lockers have increased in storage space allowing you to hold even more! As you'll note, we are retiring the House Arcane bonus. There are a few reasons for this. Locker space is a very finite number we can offer. When increasing locker space, we have to assume that ever character can (and will) hit the theoretical cap of items. Going over the number cap will cause unrecoverable character corruption. We aren't trying to take anything away from House Arcane, we just want to make the space available to everyone going forward, since it is forever locked away.

  • Prime Base Lockers: 50
  • Platinum Base Lockers: 100 (only in Platinum to accommodate no CHEs)
  • Premium Bonus: +50 (up from +30)
  • House (CHE) Members: +50 (up from +30)
  • SimuCoin Temporary Monthly Expansion: +50 (up from +30)
  • SimuCoin Permanent Expansion Contracts: +750 Total (up from +600)
  • Premium Locker Containers: Can hold 9999lbs (up from 999lbs)

There are no changes to F2P locker access.


Family vaults are account-wide lockers that allow all characters on a single account to access a shared locker. F2P characters are ineligible (they're restricted to 1 character per account, so there's no need for one). Basic subscribers have a base capacity of 25 items and Premium subscribers have a base capacity of 50 items. Like existing lockers, in the future, expansion slots will be available to increase the base numbers that are separate from the locker contracts. To start using a family locker, a character simply needs to visit a local locker and open it. A new dark stained antique oak trunk bound in wrought iron will be revealed in the room.

LOCKER MANIFEST was updated to accommodate family and Astral Vaults (1417). For family vaults, the option is only available after a character has first visited a local locker. For astral vaults, the option is only available after a character first casts Astral Vault (1417).


Thanks to all the players and staff that helped QC and test these systems.


Increased locker storage and a new account-wide locker!