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Category: General
Subject: New Lore Release: The Principality of Evashir
Author: GS4-XYNWEN
Date: 2023/11/24

Ever wonder about dark elves who are not Faendryl or Dhe'nar? Well, wonder no longer! While dark elves are no more a monolith than other races, this history reviews the founding of Evashir, a dark elven principality, and their place in dark elven history.

Hints of Evashir were found within The Last Wedding of Vistix Akrath, but this is the version unmuddled by Naidem residents' dearth of memory.

NOTE: As a part of this, all dark elves are being granted a one-time culture reset in case they wish to change their culture to Evashiran. You may need to log out and back in to see it.

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New dark elven lore!