Announcement: Nations on the Brink Storyline Feedback Form and Forum

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Category: General
Subject: NotB Storyline Feedback
Date: 2023/11/11

This post will be a READ-ONLY post. It is designed to handle feedback on the Nations on the Brink Storyline. I've created a Google Form that will be posted at the bottom of this announcement. We will be answer questions, addressing concerns, and sharing feedback in batches, which is why we are keeping it read-only. The form is 100% anonymous, but there is an option to add your participating character's name at the end of the survey if you would like to do so.
Please consider taking the survey so that we can determine how our year-long effort worked out.
Thank you,
~*~ Events Team

Google Form: Feedback Form Discord Forum Post: NotB Feedback Discussion


Please consider providing feedback to the Notb Story.