Announcement: New Release - Kraken's Fall - Neried's Cradle

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Category: General
Subject: New Release - Krakens' Fall: Neried's Cradle
Author: GS4=Thandiwe
Date: 3/25/2023

[New Release] Nereid’s Cradle at Kraken’s Fall
Nereid’s Cradle is a new neighborhood in Kraken’s Fall that is built upon a small crescent inlet. Waves crash upon a sandy beach, the surf difficult but for a skilled swimmer easy to crest to get into a small swimming area. A boardwalk stretches along the outer crescent, providing access to sixteen bungalows that are built amid the dunes. To the northeast, a Sharing Garden stretches upon a grassy area and is filled with fruits and vegetables. To the northwest, a high plateau has a bonfire, picnic tables, and a cook ready to create tasty dishes for you. Below the plateau, along the northwestern corner of the beach, a giantman offers gets clamming rakes and nets to catch sea life.
You can pay the giantman 400 silvers for a net that lets you catch shrimp or conch in the tidepools on the beach. He will also accept 500 silvers for a clamming rake that lets you find a variety of clams. These clams can be turned into the cook to make dishes or cut open with a blade so that you can eat them raw. The shrimp and conch can only be given to the cook.
The cook can be given items from the Sharing Garden to create delicious dishes. You can also give her any of the clams, conch, or shrimp you find down on the beach for additional dishes.
The bonfire is a special bonfire that can be fed a variety of items from paper to flowers to herbs, with each having its own unique messaging. You can also do the following: Attend, Exhale, Gaze, Inspect, Kneel, Lean, Look, Lie, Nudge, Poke, Prod, Rub, and Sit

The area is full of pluckable items for taking.

Middle Class Properties
Each of these bungalows is three rooms. They come equipped with a Living Room, Kitchen, and Loft.

The living room is your entry point. It has a few sitting locations as well as the “Famous Artwork” on the wall.

The kitchen has a window that looks out on a section of the beach, a basin, two stoves, and a place to sit.

The loft has a bed and a footlocker that holds 100lbs of storage.

Because this is a Middle Class Property there are some things you should know. First, every property is identical in every way. However, each property comes with 15 customization slips for your bungalow.

No Food
They do not come with food. However, you should be able to place a basketifier (as a table) in the kitchen. There will be opportunities for food additions later, but they will be through a Property Shop.

No Trashcan
They do not come equipped with a trash can, but you should be able to purchase one later on through a Property Shop.

No Nodes
They do not come equipped with a node, but you should be able to purchase one later on through a Property Shop.

Customization Slips
You analyze your design slip and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
A bungalow design slip is a private property attunement certificate that can be used to obtain alters for your private property items.

This slip is not yet attuned to any object.


  • CLEAN: Remove an attunement from the slip. This cannot be done once your request has been submitted.
  • POINT: Apply an approved alteration to an attuned object in your private property.
  • READ: See the recorded details for your slip.
  • WAVE: Wave at an object in your private property to attune this slip to it.
  • WHISPER {slip} {BASE}: Add your base alteration request to the slip
  • WHISPER {slip} {SHOW}: Add your show alteration request to the slip

Method of Release

  • 6 property vouchers will be released during the Auction on Sunday, March 26, 2023
  • 6 property vouchers will be released during the Auction at Rings of Lumnis
  • 2 property vouchers will be placed in the Legendary Feeders
  • 2 property vouchers will be released via citizen only raffles at a future date (this date is yet to be determined).

Special Thanks
With projects like these, help and teamwork are the hallmark of what makes them come out so good. I wouldn't have been able to complete this project without that help.

  • GM Elysani for many of the lovely ambient messages you see in the area.
  • GM Haliste for creating my customization slips.
  • GM Flannihan for handling the QC of this area.
  • GM Xynwen for providing an amazing tour of the area.


New area in Kraken's Falls has many attractions as well as features a new Middle Class Private Property!