Announcement: New and Refreshed Shops - Ta'Illistim

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Category: General
Subject: New and Refreshed - Ta'Illistim
Date: 2024-02-16

An oak-latticed live sunflower mural has been set up at the embassy in honor of Kasendra Malwind, courtesy of the Royal Arboretum.

We have a set of two (three?) new and one refreshed shop in Ta'Illistim.

Aegenis General Store has a new front room inventory, as well as a brand new backroom inventory. Aegenis is also the home for the grocer's shop for all your baking needs.

Two new buildings, The Butchery and The Fishmonger's Wife, have set up shop next to the general store, offering fresh meat and seafood for your skillets.

The Architects and Builders of Ta'Illistim hope you enjoy! And happy cooking!


New mural at the embassies. 3 new shops (grocer, butchery, fishmonger) and 1 refreshed shop (general store).