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Category: Development
Subject: Notes from Dev - First Half
Author: GS4-Thandiwe
Date: 2023/06/14

Several Dev. Announcements have not made their way over to the wiki. Here is a comprehensive list of them:

01.01.23 - GM Estild - Comprehend Languages (1315), Clarity of Thought (1319), Astral Spear (1408), Displace (1409), Mana Burst (1414), Astral Vault (1417) are now available on scrolls in the treasure system! Convoke (1435) is also live, but cannot be found on scrolls. More details at Discord Forum

01.04.23 - GM Estild - Feat: Dispel Magic has been updated to only remove negative magical effects. Due to how his worked before vs. now, this may inadvertently cause some previously dispellable negative effects to no longer be removed. If you encounter this, please BUG those effects and we'll get them fixed so they are removed again.

01.07.23 - GM Ivry - "RECALL" has been updated on bard-sung items to now see the details without being pushed out of hiding. This is now live. Unless the item is NOT unlocked, even temporarily, and the hidden person is a Bard.

01.25.23 - GM Estild - The update to remove Divergence and make live some of its changes live is now implemented. Please review for the full details. In addition, the grouping logic that would apply to some groups when determining if they reached the treasure cap has been removed.

02.12.23 - GM Retser - OSA: The bounty boards to receive a task for OSA are now at almost every handler. Enjoy!

03.06.23 - GM Auchand - Flaming Aura (1706) has been updated to improve its efficacy and put the spell more in line with other current spells. Find out more here: Discord Forums

03.10.23 - GM Estild - Starting on Monday, April 3rd, 2023, we're going to remove Reim orb entries from the SimuCoin Store. Premium characters will continue to earn one free entry per day. In addition, at that time, we're going to start enforcing the treasure cap for treasure generated in Reim.

03.14.23 - GM Retser - The trap in cavernhold that would throw you in the dungeon and take items away no longer takes away items. The wardens have already filed a complaint.

03.31.23 - GM Ivry - The Rift entrance from within the fog has been kicked for faster exiting. This should be most noticeable in the busy hours in the Prime instance.

Join the discussion here: Discord Forums

04.01.23 - GM Viduus - As requested, a new verb ACCOUNT is available. It will return the current game instance, account name, and account type of the character logged in.

04.03.23 - GM Estild - As previously announced, the treasure cap is now enforced in Reim. Entry orbs will continue to be available in the SimuCoins Store. [Discord Discussion

04.04.23 - GM Ivry - After a small shadowy rebellion, once again the Rift entrance Fog is somewhat under control. It's been reported that entering the Rift is now insanely smooth and efficient!

Join the discussion here: Rift Discussion

04.23.23 - GM Ivry - The Adventurers Guild has decided to allow those banished from tasks to now be allowed to continue to use RECOVER and LOST during their punishment.

05.07.23 - GM Sleken - A change has been made to justice system boxes. The "owner" of the box will now bypass encumbrance restrictions to facilitate claiming their possessions. This change only works for that character and only for justice boxes in the justice room where the box was originally placed. This does not bypass the character item count limit. Discord Discussion

05.09.23 - GM Retser - Hey everyone, we will be running another round of evictions on player shops and moving the eviction process into the fully automated state. This will mean that you will no longer be able to assist/refer to have your shop restored after abandonment. This will align with the policy that is already in place. If you have a shop that is in an abandoned state you have until this weekend. The re-release plans for player shops will most likely work similar to last time where a short-term lottery will be run for each town. There is no set time when this will begin, but it will be announced. Standard restrictions still apply.

05.19.23 - GM Viduus - Divine Word (1640) has been updated to no longer remove spells when its active window ends. When Divine Word is used on a dead player it will restore spells to the person that they had prior to dying, much like Symbol of Recall. Previously, after an active window of 15 minutes the restored spells would be removed as well as any new spells cast in the 15-minute window, this is no longer the case. Restored and new spells will now persist for their entire duration even after the window expires. Additionally, any player that has used symbol of recall before being raised via 1640 will have their favor restored.

05.19.23 - GM Naijin - The Effect Manager has a few additions. The new [Effects]( are in preparation for [Covert Arts: Poisoncraft]
(, and can not yet be applied.

  • New Clumsy effect. Has a chance to cause the afflicted party to stumble while making an attack, causing minor unbalance damage. Creatures that can't be knocked down are immune to Clumsy.
  • New Major Poison effect. Major Poison deals a percentage of remaining health over time. Can be stacked similar to Major Bleed.
  • New Wounded effect. Prevents regeneration (trolls), natural recovery (stamina, mana, health, and spirit) on the afflicted party, and increases all concussion damage they take.

The group and stealth systems have a few updates.

  • Characters grouped with a stealthed or invisible character are known shown their status while looking at the room.
  • Spirit Fog (106), Camouflage (608), and Invisibility (916) no longer disband groups or their leaders.
  • STALK and GROUP have been properly separated and STALKing a player will no longer treat you as grouped.
  • Group are shown messaging when a grouped character hides or unhides, with no skill check required.
  • Groups no longer disband automatically when the leader HIDEs or UNHIDEs.
  • Group leaders may SNEAK between rooms, but still incur the additional roundtime.
  • GROUP output will be updated to be on a single line. Prepare script updates accordingly.
    • Brief: You are grouped with CharacterA (leading), CharacterB (invisible), CharacterC (hidden), and CharacterD.
    • Standard: You are grouped with CharacterA who is leading, CharacterB who is invisible, CharacterC who is hidden, and CharacterD.
  • STALKing is broken if the target goes invisible, moves to a room where the stalker can’t follow, or if the target hides without the stalker noticing.
  • [WAYLAY]( has been updated to use a bell curve distribution rather than the uniform distribution, resulting in more consistent damage.
  • BCS creatures have been updated to use a new system for ambushing, hiding, and searching.
    • The crit weighting from ambushing can be reduced by training in perception and ambush. Creatures previously had a set value (~ 4 critical ranks) which could not be reduced with training.
    • Characters are able to search out creatures and can also spot them trying to hide.
    • Passively spotting a creature or searching and finding them will prevent them from hiding for a period of time.
    • Training in Stalking and Hiding and Perception training increases your chance of spotting creatures.

05.24.23 - GM Retser - Daybringers/NIghtbringers were updated to be able to hit Animated Slushies. Enjoy!

05.24.23 - GM Mestys - The TRACK verb has been updated to no longer break groups with hidden members.

06.03.23 - GM Estild - It is no longer possible to STEAL in festival rooms. Festival rooms are specifically designated by staff for event areas.

06.05.23 - GM Naijin - The rogue service proposal at | Rogue Proposal has been updated for 06/05/2023.

06.12.23 - GM Ivry - Spell 930 - Familiar Gate should now allow travel from within the Rift to the Cavern of Ages. Enjoy!


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