Announcement: Papermaker Update

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Category: General
Subject: Papermaker Update
Date: 2024-04-12

  • Papermaker will now allow you to store 100 "ingredients" to make paper in each applicable slot.
  • You can now cast Minor Shock to add electrical charges in addition to using silver wands.
  • The Papermaker now has 105 articles. New ones are: a bite-marked, a dirt-dusted, a die-cut, a jewel-toned, a paint-dotted, a pearlized, a petal-pressed, a print-covered, a splodgy, a wing-shaped, an untrimmed
  • The Papermaker now has 105 nouns. New ones are: adumbrate, annal, billet, dancecard, diagram, edict, mandate, manuscript, memoir, outline, placard, score, scorecard, tablature, testimonial
  • Double Analyzing the Papermaker will provide you with a readout of what is currently stored in it. The read-out is as follows:
Current Status:
Stored Dye: None
Stored Perfume: None
Stored Water: 99/100 dose(s)
Stored Bark: 99/100 dose(s)
Stored Charges: 100/100 dose(s)
  • Within the body of the first analyze, there has been some updated verbiage. It is:

Basic Papermaking Instructions

  1. Place some kind of foraged bark within the mechanism (each bark makes 4 pages, you can add 25 pieces max)
  2. Pour water into the mechanism or cast Minor Water or Holy Bolt at the mechanism (100 doses max)
  3. Drop a silver wand in the mechanism or cast Minor Shock at the mechanism to charge it (100 charges max)
  4. Drop a candle onto the mechanism to fill the vertical tube with melted wax (100 charges max)


New Nouns, New Articles, Updated Ingredient Capacity, and more.