Announcement: Player Customization Systems Update

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Category: Development
Subject: Player Customization Systems Update
Author: GS4-Yusri
Date: 2023/06/14

The Player Customization System updates to include custom Manna and Major Sanctuary are now live.

More details, including a FAQ: Google Document on Customizations
Discussion thread: ⁠Official - Player Customization Update

We've been working on a new Player Customization System to give players more control and flexibility around things like spell customizations. The first phase of this system was seen at Ebon Gate last year, where custom death messages became an option for the first time.

The next phase of this system is now live, and you can now unlock and choose between multiple different Major Sanctuary appearances and custom Manna flavors. These are no longer limited to one per character. Your existing custom Major Sanctuary or Manna, if any, also remains available to you under the new system.

Here's a quick FAQ on the upcoming update:

Q: How do I manage the new customizations?

A: The CUSTOM verb will show which types of customizations you have unlocked, as well as allow you to set which one you want to have 'active'. You can also use this to turn off a customization if you don't currently want to use it, or to randomly choose between customizations for a spell each time that spell is used.

Q: Where do I get customizations at Rumor Woods?

A: This has not changed from past runs of Rumor Woods. If you visit the Library room of Thurgine Hall, the attendant offers a large list of customizations. Only custom Major Sanctuaries and Manna flavors will be on the new system.

Q: Is there a limit of how many customizations I can have under this system?

A: There is currently a limit of 100 total customizations. "Legacy" customizations (those you had prior to the system going live) do not currently count towards this limit, but remember that you can only have one legacy customization of each type.

Should you reach this limit, you can use CUSTOM {system} FORGET {number} to permanently remove a customization from your character.

Q: Will other custom spell message options be converted to this system?

A: While plans can change and nothing is set in stone, the plan is to eventually convert all types of custom spell messaging that are currently available. This includes anything offered in the Library room of Thurgine Hall.

The exception to this is spell prep phrases, since they are already set up in such a way where players can have more than one of them.

Q: I have a redeemable token for a custom Manna or Major Sanctuary gathering dust in my locker. What will happen to it?

A: Once the new changes go live, these tokens will usually automatically update to new-style tokens upon being ANALYZEd or REDEEMed. New-style tokens can be identified by the first line of their ANALYZE, which looks like the following:

When REDEEMed, this token will grant [...]

Old-style tokens look like this in their ANALYZE:

This is a prize token that, once REDEEMed, will[...] or This token, if redeemed, will provide custom bolt messaging for[...]

In some cases, some redeemable tokens may not be able to be converted. You will be told to ASSIST in that event. In most cases, these should be a quick fix!

Q: I have a redeemable token for other custom spell messaging, like custom fireworks or fireballs. What will happen to it?

A: The functionality of these tokens is currently unchanged and they can be REDEEMed normally. Just like before, you are limited to one customization of each type and they will overwrite any existing customization you might have of that type. These tokens should automatically convert to the new style when the system is updated to include those spells.


The Player Customization System updates to include custom Manna and Major Sanctuary are now live.