Announcement: Premium Trove Premieres!

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Category: Premium
Subject: The Premium Trove Premieres in Prime!
Author: GS4-TIVVY
Date: 2023-12-17

The Trove comes to Mist Harbor, with an inaugural run of ranger and bard customization tokens. We know we missed a few of these customization raffles this year, so we're making up for it with 24 days of Trove raffles: 12 tokens that will allow a ranger to have their animal companion groomed, and 12 for bards to choose from one of the sonic equipment customizations (Sonic Shield, Sonic Weapon, Sonic Armor, or Singing Sword).

Entry tokens will be 50,000 silvers, and the win will be attuned to the winning character. Entries cannot be refunded and wins are nontransferable and cannot be exchanged, so please be sure you only enter raffles for the appropriate class on an eligible character.

A Premium Trove winner does not need to be online to win, but does need to pick up their prize within 24 hours of the draw or it will be forfeited. Characters that win one of the raffles will be unable to win another Trove raffle for the following 24 days.

You can find the Trove entryway inside the Merchant Lounge of Firefly Villa.

Many thanks to APM Thandiwe for the idea and an especially huge thank you to GM Haliste for her hard work getting this coded, created, and set up.


24 days of Bard sonics and Ranger animal companion grooming begin in the new Premium Trove today!