Announcement: Ragnak Reclamation

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Category: General
Subject: Ragnak Reclamation
Author: GS4-Mastreforn
Date: 2024-01-26

The release of a V'tullian Shrine, the ruins of Kragnek-Dzu, and the River Maugh has taken place on Teras Isle.

Thank you to all the players who participated in this storyline so far! You are awesome!

Credits - A very special thank you to all the other Gemstone staff members who made it possible.

Storyline and NPCs: Marstreforn

Area Creation: Marstreforn

River Muagh QC: Auchand, Isten, and Mariath

Kragnek-Dzu Ruins QC: Itzel

Creatures/Scripts: Auchand and Marstreforn

Approvals: Thandiwe

More to come! The ruins of Kragnek-Dzu need to be rebuilt! Zerroth is no longer sleepy!

Stayed tuned to find out... What's New in Kharam-Dzu!?

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