Announcement: Rings of Lumnis - 2023 - Shop List

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Category: Events
Subject: Shop List Information for Rings of Lumnis Released
Author: GS4-Thandiwe
Date: 2023/04/07

New Shop Names Refreshed Shops * Reopened Shops
All that Sparkles Arboreal Afterlife Blue Myth Eatery
And Sew it Goes In Print Condition Crown Jewels
Customary Procedures Last Chapter, The Dye Me A River
Deck the Halls Let's Make a Seal Etched Memories
Sweet Delights Little Things Ornathian Postal Services
More Ore Less Present Company
Natural Permeations Room With A Hue
Skin Deep Scrollworthy
Shears Leatherworks
Sojourn Scents
The Final Touch
The Impressed Olive
Wedding Hall
  • Refreshed Shops mean that the shop either has new offerings or updated inventory. In the case of these shops, there is a chance that the NPC will have updated customization offerings.


Visit the Rings of Lumnis Event Page to View Announcement 2 which details current Shop listings.